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I'm Sven and I love creating awesome User Interfaces for next generation Apps and Websites.

Some about me

You found me, yay! Get comfy and feel welcomed. There’s coffee, tea, hot chocolate and kittens.
Feel free to browse through my personality and my works. If you have any questions or just wish to chat, please don’t hesitate to call for me.

Nice to know facts about me


Meditating 30 mins every morning

Quiet, kind and reflecting


Build my own furniture



Drawing epic landscapes

Capturing Moments

Enjoying the Quietness of Nature

Daydreaming about random stuff

Bringing Balance to Life, the Universe and Everything

Observing and Learning

Portrait von Sven Lochner

I'm thrilled, that you would like to read a little more about me. In me, you’ll find a reflective person, who likes taking time to observe and assess, before plunging into the action.
With life as a never ending quest for knowledge, my mind is always in search of the true meaning of things, and also in search of possibilities for building a brighter future for humanity.

Though it’s unlikely to find the ultimate answer to life, the universe and everything (apart from 42), I love the wonder and the opportunities this question brings, and with it, seeing myself and others grow a little more every day.

Ensuring my ability to help the ones who are help-worthy, with all my personal potential. This is the reason why I put my personal wellbeing at the top of my priorities. I do not let my wellbeing suffer, so as to enhance my ability to meaningfully collaborate with others.
I prefer a more planned and structured approach to each day, taking concrete steps towards my goals, while working together with others. Competition is a waste of time, compared to the advantages of collaboration with compassion, understanding and empathy. In short, I prefer to focus my energy on actually making progress, rather than trying to be "the smartest person in the room".

Since my graduation, I’ve co-founded a company, honed my design-skills through personal and client projects and taught Computer Science on a Gymnasium. My future desire is to focus on the process of User Experience Design.

Now that you know a bit about me, I'd love to get to know you! Why don't you send me a message, if you are interested.

Skills and Tools

My goal is to ensure my ability to help the ones who are help-worthy, with all my personal potential. Considering competition as a waste of energy, I choose to focus on the advantages of collaboration with compassion, understanding and empathy. Drawing on my experience in User Interface Design, my future desire is to contribute to the process of User Experience Design.

Let’s talk tech: How I am able to support you

UX- & UI-Design

Creating wireframes, testing them and then bringing them to life in the form of a complete Screen Design.

Website Development

I code my designs too. Using Bootstrap for responsiveness and Wordpress for content management.


Teaching the right stuff. Not for exams, but for life. Given some time to prepare, I am a great orator aswell.

Native Speaker: EN & GER

Having contacts in Germany and the U.S., my language skills stay sharp. Working with international teams is great fun.

Skills at my disposal

  • UX Design Very eager to learn more
  • UI Design I just love it
  • PhotoshopIllustratorSketch I love this too
  • HTML5CSS3 / SASSBootstrap Natural to me most of the time
  • jQueryVue.js Solid, but with room for improvement
  • PHPMySQL Enough to assist a Developer
  • Vegetarian Cooking

Projects I’ve supported

To top it off, I’d like to share a few works, of which I’m proud of. Feel free to explore them!
If you are interested in hiring me and haven’t had a look at my personality yet, I’d really appreciate it.
In my book, personality and mindset wins over skillset in most situations. It is essential for quickly acquiring and improving skills needed and contributing to a team in a fun, long-term way.

Please tap on them, if you'd like to learn more

Schwan Stabilo Cosmetics

Front End Development

LED Light Controller

Mobile App

USA Roadtrip




Marius Röske

Website implementation

Plant more trees on rooftops



Raise awareness about School System

More parks in cities

Get in touch

You've got a gut feeling, that I'm the right person for your project? Or do you just want to chat and exchange knowledge?
No matter the cause, I look forward to hearing from you!

+49 (0)172 189 89 63
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